Hampi : Historical Timeline

If you want a slice of History along with the architectural heritage, then it must be Hampi. People popularly call it as ruins, but I prefer to call it as heritage. A heritage, rare in its substance and presence.

History of Hampi dates back to Ramayana times, an unmatchable tale loved to be told. Starting from those times till now there is a piece to see and talk about. Be it the Anjanadri Hill of the Lord Hanuman, from Ramayana times. Or be it the Islamic invasion and devastation of the structures.

There is a structural, geographical and archaeological evidence for all. You have the Pampa Lake, a place believed to be the first meeting point of Lord Rama and Hanuman.

Pampa Sarovar or Lake

Whether we call it ruins or remains of our rich cultural heritage, is left to us. But worth to me mentioned, is the presence of the vast archaeological evidence still unexplored, as well as unexplained.

Stone chariot

If the miniature carvings of the Stone Chariot is not enough, then there is a Musical Temple. The engineering behind these structures still surprises and mystifies many.

Boulders during Sun set

Visit to Hampi is truly an enriching experience not just because of the hippie cafes. But also because of the Indian Historical timeline reflected all around.

Laughing Buddha Cafe

The hippie cafes is also one of its kind experience to be felt in the Hippie Island opposite to the Virupaksha Temple. The vibe here is not only high on spirits but also liberating to an extent.

There are also innumerable boulders to enjoy a bright sunset and a breezy evening. If you have an eye for the detailing then the Vijaya Vittala will surely challenge you.

Sun set
Vijaya Vittala Temple

Queens Bath may not look huge structural wise, but it does gives you a glimpse of the royal showers. The water recycling mechanism will intrigue you for sure.

Inside Queen’s Bath
Queen’s Bath

We have heard a lot about the role of elephants in our ancient Indian wars. There numbers varied from tens to thousands, but we always had a doubt about their maintenance. There are Elephant Stables to clear our doubts. This is huge at the same time beautiful.

Elephant Stables

We have heard tales about the Vijayanagar Shopping Bazaars. You can clearly see the richness of those markets enroute the Vijaya Vittala temple.

The pillared structures indicates the care taken for the business meets of those times and there is also a huge Public Bath.

Public Bath

So the temples at those times not just served the spiritual purposes but were also used for various economical conclaves as well as for public utilities.

Anjanadri Hill is the believed to be the birth place of Lord Hanuman. Don’t forget to look at this Hill from Vijaya Vittala temple for a surprise.

Royal Enclosure has royalty embedded in every stone. It’s believed to be the royal auditorium for entertainment and informative purpose. The remains of this structure will not allow you think but instead it makes you silent with its Aura.

Royal Enclosure

So facts and finds of Hampi is in the lap of time and space, but there is a certain heritage here. The heritage which we have heard but not seen. There exists many stories behind every structure here, we don’t know whether they are true or not. But they are definitely too good to hear. They are clearly marvellous stories too beautiful to be told to.

We generally talk about generations in the present times. But here exists a place which talks about thousands of years. Hampi not just talks but it shows.

So go, see, listen, tell and repeat. There are ruins in Hampi, but it’s definitely not ruined.

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