Nature’s balance going wrong

We all read, watch and hear stuff about the nature being destroyed. We share and we talk a lot, but the true thing is are we following ?.

First do we realise the connection between man and nature?. We are connected in every possible way. We share the air we breath, yet we are not conscious enough of this fact.

Do we kill our own family members ?. Answer will be definite no. But we don’t even realise that we share a deep connection with the nature and they are our own family.

We travel thousands of miles in search of pure nature, yet we don’t conserve the nature around us. We love the sight of a pure and pristine lake in the mountains, but we don’t take the initiative to save the water bodies around us.

We think we cut trees but we don’t realise that we are damaging a part of our lungs. The ancient people realised this deep connection between man and nature.

They worship the trees. We still worship them, but don’t stop cutting them.Trees play a major role in the ecological balance and we call it Mother Nature.

We call it mother but we do nothing to protect her. We know that she is bleeding and being ripped apart, yet we don’t stop killing.

So if it’s not for the trees, we must at the least protect nature for man’s sake. We must protect the Mother Nature for our own survival and well being. We must go back to our roots and start living cordially with nature. There is always abundance in nature provided we give nature its place.

If we protect the nature, then nature will protect us. So time has come to start worshipping nature in our hearts and conserve in our actions.

Save trees and Save yourself.


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