Tawang – Untouched Nature and epitome of silence in North East India

Tawang is a silent, serene, snowy and small place located in Arunachal Pradesh, India. This is one place which is a blend of adventure and spiritual experience. Adventure cause of its high altitude location and spiritual cause of its Buddhist influence and monasteries and of course the calmness in this place.

There is very less human activity in Tawang and place is least commercialised, which is very rare to find these days.

Tawang is a border town and it shares the border with China. The military presence can be felt throughout Tawang for its sensitive and strategic location. This is also the place of disputes between India and China. This disputed Himalayan zone is the reason for 1962 Indo-China war.

As said Tawang is located in Arunachal Pradesh and one must take INNER LINE PERMIT ( ILP ) to enter Tawang. We reached Tawang through Sela pass.


Sela pass is located at an elevation of 13700 feet and is a beautiful place. It has a beautiful lake and the place will completely covered with snow during December – January. We stopped at Sela pass for an hour and enjoyed the nerve chilling weather along with a cup of tea. As we visited during November the snowfall was less and we got to see the beautiful lake in the background of the Himalayan ranges.


After crossing Sela pass we reached Nuranang Falls also called as Jung Falls. The water originates from a high altitude Sela Pass and joins the Tawang river. The rainbow formed next to Nuranang Falls adds to the beauty of this small yet beautiful Water Falls. There’s a small hydel power station located at the base of the waterfalls. A small trek of half hour takes you the base of the water falls and can play in the ice cold waters of Tawang river.

After Nuranang Falls we reached the Tawang city. It’s a small city with very few hotels and an oldest Buddhist Monastery located in the heart of the city. It’s a quiet place with very less population and this place shuts down by 7:30. The city will be entirely covered with snow in the month of Dec – Jan.

The first thing we did after reaching Tawang was to take the special pass from the Indian Army to visit BUMLA PASS. The pass must be taken one day prior and it’s strongly recommended to apply as soon as we reach Tawang.

Tawang can also be called as lake city, cause there are more than 100 lakes. One can see many lakes while you are driving to BUMLA Pass.


Bumla Pass is Located at an altitude of 15200 feet and an army protected dispute zone between India and China. The drive to Bumla Pass is truly breathtaking and the beauty of Himalayan Mountains is in full swing. The green coloured lakes and the snow capped mountains are a true feast for one’s eyes. The temperature during winters will reach upto -16 degrees.

We can also see the China Army Outpost from Bumla Pass and can also interact with Indian Army to know the challenging roles they play in these extreme places. This place could be shut for public during extreme

We had a memorable time at Bumla Pass and we headed our journey back to Tawang city. While coming back we went to another magnificent place called Sangetser Lake also commonly called as Madhuri Lake.


Well according to me the most beautiful place I have ever come across is this. The purity in air, water and the picture painted black mountains behind the lake is a magnificent experience.

This lake is located with mountains around and will be Covered with Ice totally during winters. But to enjoy the beauty of this lake we must visit during the non snowy period cause the beauty is truly enriching.

There is a beautiful yellow grass field very next to the lake and it’s ideal for families to sit and have lunch there. There are no restaurants here but there is only one Army canteen and will get Maggi, tea and few Army accessories to shop.

We spent almost two hours just sitting in front of the lake and believe me I had a truly meditative experience. There is freshness spilled everywhere around this place.

After Sangetser lake we headed back to Tawang and reached the hotel early evening. We spent rest of the evening by visiting the local market to shop for beers ( Beers are really cheap in Arunachal Pradesh ).

So head to Tawang to have once in a lifetime experience.

Travel Tips

– Please take online Inner Line permit two days prior to visit Arunachal Pradesh to save time and money.

– Cabs will charge on daily basis here. They charge around ₹3500 – ₹5000 per day.

– You must hire local vehicle at Tawang to visit BUMLA PASS. They charge around ₹5000 ( Bolero or Tata Sumo).

– Plz carry your passport photographs and original ID cards.

– Visit to Bumla Pass and Sangetser lake is subject to weather conditions and approval from Indian Army.

– Best way to reach Tawang is to reach Guwahati first by Air/Train/Bus and then hire a cab from Guwahati.

– Food options are limited in Tawang and one will mostly get only Momos and Maggi.

Thanks for reading my blog and please do share if you like.

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