Sakleshpur – Reasons for Sakleshpur being the best weekend destination from Bangalore

Sakleshpur is a small hill town located in Bangalore – Mangalore highway i.e in NH 75. It’s located in Western Ghats and the place is known for its lush greenery and hills around. People from Bangalore travel to many places on weekends like Madikeri, Ooty, Wayanad etc. But in my opinion Sakleshpur stands out on top, check out the reasons.

1. Distance & Roads

View from room

Sakleshpur is located 240 kms from Bangalore in which almost 200 kms are Toll roads. The roads are top notch and travel time is only 3 to 3.5 hrs. Also you can easily reach the NH 75 by accessing the Nice Ring Road. So one would reach before noon if they start early morning and u would get ample time to spend around.

2. Weather

Hill Top

Weather is one of the prime reasons u will have to head to Sakleshpur. It’s pleasant throughout the year and you can also expect cool breeze in summers. Rains in Sakleshpur is bountiful and one can see streams everywhere and greenery at its best. So if you are a person who enjoys rain then don’t miss to visit this place during rains.

3. Resorts & Homestays

The best part of Sakleshpur is the presence of innumerable nature resorts and Home stays. Almost all of them are located in a place close to nature. The prices are also really cheap and you will have an option to Tent stay too.

They have lot of leisure activities like Mud volleyball , Live natural Pool , rope walking etc

Live Natural pool with my fav music
Rope walk

Few resorts also have an option of jeep ride to hilltops and view points. Notable among them are Rotti Kallu Resort, Kaadumakki resort and Stone valley Resort. Plz enquire thoroughly before booking any resorts or home stays as the names of them are deceiving.

River stream next to Kadumakki Resort

They would normally charge 1000₹ – 2000 ₹ for Jeep rides. Plz note that few would take u for free of cost if spoke before booking.

Jeep ride to Hill top

Advance booking of resorts and home stays are recommended.

Resort or home stay cost varies from 1250₹ – 2500₹ per person (including all meals).

Most of the resorts offer good and tasty local food. Don’t miss to try Akki Rotti and pork (extra). They serve both veg and non veg food to ur room or buffets at dining area.

The rent stays are usually offered free of cost in few resorts

Tent stay outside room

As Sakleshpur is also located within Karnataka visitors from Bangalore don’t have to worry about the excise check post (as in the case of Ooty or Wayanad) to carry ur favourite drink.

Head to Sakleshpur this weekend if u r staying in and around Bangalore for a memorable and pocket friendly weekend along with ur family or friends. You don’t face any road related issues as in case of visiting Coorg or any ghat section related issues as in case of Ooty or Wayanad.

Sakleshpur keeps ur travel time short and pleasant but the memories and experience you get here is no less than any other places mentioned. Thanks

I hope this blog was useful.

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