Kodanad – The hidden Jewel of Ooty

Most of those residing in South part of India would have visited Ooty at least once in their lifetime. But very few would have known or visited to Kodanad.

Located around 45 kms from Ooty centre, Kodanad is located in Kotagiri. As the name Kodanad name itself suggests, it’s a beautiful place where you can experience the feel of staying in clouds.

Kodanad is a view point located at far end of Ooty and very few people visit this picturesque place. Usually it will take around 90 mins for one to reach Kodanad from Ooty, but the drive itself is breathtaking.

With the tea gardens spread everywhere it’s pure nature presented in full flow here.

The place is usually very less crowded even in weekends. But in weekdays you can experience complete serenity in this place. The crowd presence is very minimal and place is clean and green.

The drive in early morning is an amazing experience as one Would see the mist and fog everywhere. The air is so pure and fresh, so don’t forget to let your car windows down.

Early mornings at the Kodanad is speechless, as you can see the clouds passing you and the hills will be totally consumed by the clouds. The visual of clouds will be like a pic out of movies.

You can see the tip of the Rangaswamy peak submerged by the clouds in the above pic.

The above pics are shot directly and are totally original without any photoshop or filters added.

There are a lot of Resorts and home stays located in between Kotagiri and Kodanad. You can pre book and visit. But there is only one Resort at the view point itself. It’s not exactly a resort but a Guest house kind of an accommodation. The amenities are not great but the location is superb.

The name of the guest house is Deccan Valley View Guest House.

There are also trekking activities at the Kodanad and you can enquire about the same at the view point.

You can also see the tribal establishments if you go for trekking.

If interested you can ask for a fire camp and they will happily provide you the same for some nominal extra charges.

If you wish to experience the maximum clouds at Kodanad then it’s advisable to visit between December – February. You can experience the clouds coming to ur room window at the guest house.

Also there is a small waterfall located in between the tea gardens. It’s called Catherine Waterfalls. You must drive inside the tea gardens to reach this place.

So the next time you visit Ooty, erase all the generally visited places like Doddabetta, Boating e.t.c and head straight to Kodanad. I assure that you will have a memorable experience along with ur friends or family.

Thanks for reading. 😍

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