RISHIKESH : Stupefying Spirituality & Exuberant Adventure

The name Rishikesh itself tells a lot about the place. It means ‘Lord of Senses’, as the name suggests it is one of the spiritual and holiest places in India. Its also called as ‘Yoga capital of the World’ and rightly one can find many yoga centres here. There are various temples all around and many Ayurvedic centres.

The beautiful nature here soothes the mind automatically and the spiritual centres will surely increase the magic of this place. One can feel the presence of nature ubiquitous and the place is so full of life. Be it the age old temples and yoga centres or the new age cafes and restaurants.There are a lot of well managed Western style cafes here with tourist playing some vibrant live music.

One can see many saints walking all around Rishikesh languidly, searching something within and outside.

The holy river Ganga flows gracefully here in the foothills of Himalayas. The presence of high mountains and a beautiful river gives the place a charm of its own. One has to stay near Lakshman Jhula, to avoid the crowd and experience serenity.

There are lot of places for accommodation nearby and many good Cafes . The place is charming and vibrant with wide array of activities.

You can also experience the famous Ganga Aarthi near Lakshman Jhula. The Aarthi will be beautiful and powerful chants they recite are fervent and dwell you deep. Spirituality is not forced here, instead its blended so beautifully in every place and every act around.

The views from the hill top stays will be breathtaking in daytimes. In night times too the view from your hill top stay will be colourful and lambent. The visual of the spiritual hill town with the lullaby of the flowing river is soothing to your mind and heart as well.

The other new age reason lot of people throng to Rishikesh is cause of the adventure activities in store. Be it River rafting, Cliff jumping, Bungee jumping e.t.c.

River rafting is very popular in Rishikesh cause of the vehement rapids here. The rapids here will give adrenaline rush and will thrill us for sure. There is 12 Kms river rafting as well as 15 Kms rafting, one can choose based on the availability and comfort. It’s advised to book the rafting a day or two prior, to avoid the mad rush in the last minute.

The traffic in Rishikesh is surprisingly high and one may not wonder if stuck for hours inside your vehicles. So plan your schedules accordingly and dont forget to keep the road blocks in this hill town in your mind.

Overall Rishikesh is a beautiful, spiritual and adventurous experience not to missed. It’s located close to Delhi & must surely give a try. Be it the age old temples, new age Cafes and Westernised Yoga centres, its definitely worth for your time and money. And last not the least, the adventure activities in Holy Ganga river will pump your adrenaline rush for sure.

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