Shimla : Strictly for Hatu Peak and Tattapani

Well, like all Shimla brings a whole lot of expectations and visuals. But when visited, the actual picture was a different story.

First we were greeted with a hell lot of traffic jam in Shimla city and so we moved towards Mashobra. We had our stay reserved in Club Mahindra, Mashobra. We visited in the month of April and hence there was no snowfall either in Shimla or Mashobra.

We were greeted warmly by Club Mahindra staff and the we had a picturesque view of the Himalayas from our room.

We quickly checked in and went to visit Mall Road.

To be precise there is actually nothing worth enough to see or visit in main part of Shimla.

The famous Mall Road has quiet a few Landmark places, but trust me and plz avoid going. The Mall Road itself is present in the heart of the hilly region and it’s crowded way above its capacity. You will be greeted with a lot of traffic jams and road blocks. And shopping in evening markets are also a little costly affair. The products here are definitely priced high.

Next day we visited Hatu Peak based on the advice given by Club Mahindra Staff. Hatu peak is located in Narkanda and is 67 kms from Shimla city. It takes 3 hrs approx to reach Hatu peak.

Hatu peak is located at 3400 m altitude and has a temple at the top.

The temple is serene and you can find little Snow in the peak, even during summer. So we visited Hatu peak in search of snow and we were not at all disappointed.

The view from the Hatu peak is amazing and you can see the beautiful snow capped Himalayas from the top. This place is less crowded and you shouldn’t miss this place if serenity is all you need.

The temple is small yet serene. Don’t forget to wear your Jackets while visiting Hatu Peak.

We headed back towards Mashobra by late noon and one can find a lot of Apple Orchids enroute.

Next day we visited Tattapani, instead of the popular Kufri. Kufri is located very close to Shimla but it’s also too crowded.

Tattapani is located 55 kms from Shimla and the drive is also picturesque.

Tattapani has a beautiful river rafting and a relaxing hot spring bath in its lap.

Rafting in Tattapani has less Rapids but very beautiful. The Sutlej river flows in between beautiful hills and is soothing to your mind.

The water here is cold compared to water in Rishikesh. So staying more time in water here is little tough.

Next we went to hot spring bath in a hotel in Tattapani. The hotel has brought water directly from hot springs to their pool inside. The sulphur rich hot water pool was inside the hotel and we spent nice time with our family in the pool.

So Shimla doesn’t have anything much to offer, but if you are on the way to Manali then it’s worth staying there for a night. The place now serves as a entry place to Himachal Pradesh and has surely lost its sheen.

In Manali you can experience a lot of snow and also river rafting. So you can stay in Shimla for a night and head straight to Manali for a better experience.

Less crowd, Un touched nature and peace is all you need, then give a miss to Shimla.

But in case you get an opportunity to stay in Shimla for one day, then definitely don’t miss Hatu Peak and Tattapani.

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