Amazing North East India in six days

Hello travellers,

In this blog I will detail the way to experience the best of north east India in six days. Basically I would prefer to travel to off beat places rather than the crowded and commercialised places ( peaceful ). So I would strongly suggest you to directly move towards Arunachal Pradesh rather first going to Meghalaya.

Day One : Assam

As most know Assam is the gateway to North East India. We landed in Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport by noon. We had pre booked an Innova white board vehicle and got into it. Plz note we opted for a MUV vehicle cause we wanted to travel to Tawang, if not any car would serve the purpose. So we first told our driver to visit Kaziranga National Park, though he insisted not to visit as it is 50 kms away from our road to Arunachal Pradesh. I would strongly recommend you to visit this place. So we reached Kaziranga by 6 and it was totally dark ( Night starts here from 5 Pm ). Here there are many mid range resorts and cheap home stays. U can prefer staying close to the Kaziranga Park gate to save time for tomorrow.

Home stays price : 12002000 ₹ approx.

Ask your hotel guy to book a jeep for safari tomorrow Morning.

Jeep cost : 850 per person ( Approx ) including park entry tickets.

Day Two: Kaziranga

The jeep would arrive by 7 am and make sure you start early to avoid rush at park entry gates. We started around 7 in the morning and reached park gates by 7:30. Normally it will take 15 mins to enter inside the Kaziranga park.

The safari will be approximately for one hour and u can have an amazing experience of seeing the Great one horned rhinoceros. It is indeed special and you will not wonder why it’s the only place in the world to have one horned rhinos.

U can also spot few elephants inside the safari and lot of rhinos. You will truly have an amazing experience inside the National park. You can also spot few rhinos crossing road if u r lucky.

After the jeep safari we proceeded towards the most exciting state of north east i.e Arunachal Pradesh.

Plz note, u need ILP ( Inner line permit ) to enter Arunachal. It’s advised to apply online for permits to save time. Normally it takes 24 hrs for ILP to be approved.

We had not applied for online ILP and we had to wait for three to get it at BHALUKPONG.

From BHALUKPONG we proceeded towards Dirang. We reached Dirang at around 11 Pm and stayed there for the night.

Day 3: Dirang

We started our day with a light breakfast at nearby small restaurant in Dirang town and headed to dirang monastery.

Dirang Monastery

The monastery is a must watch in Dirang cause of its amazing picturesque location and calmness. The monastery is located in an amazing location and just loved the serenity inside and around monastery. Its hardly ten minute drive from Dirang town. So it’s advised not to miss.

Later we proceeded our journey towards Tawang. It’s better to leave Dirang as early as possible to have an amazing view of the Himalayas in bright light.

In between Dirang and Tawang there is an amazing location called Sela pass. It is an absolute nature bounty with an amazing lake and can experience snow fall if visited in between Nov – Feb.

Sela pass

It’s advised to wear ur jackets and thermal wear from sela pass. After having a warm tea at sela pass and experiencing light snow at sela pass, we moved towards Nuranang waterfalls. It is located on the way to Tawang and is another exciting place to watch.

Nuranang Waterfall

It is an amazing waterfalls and u can have a visual of a flowing river and waterfall together. You can easily spend a couple of hours here before reaching Tawang ( 90 mins drive ).

We reached Tawang around 6 pm and with the help of the hotel owner booked the car to go for BUM LA PASS next morning.

You need to book a local car to visit Bum La pass ( India – China Border ).

Also u need to take a pass from army at Tawang to visit Bum La Pass.

It’s better to finish car booking and pass formalities as soon as u enter Tawang to save time. So you can start early morning for Bomla Pass.

They usually charge 5000₹ per car per day to visit Bum La pass.

You can explore Tawang market if you have time. Market and shops close by 7 pm.

Day four : Tawang

Tawang is a small town famous for its Monastery. But more than monastery I feel it’s a beautiful and calm place covered with snow during the snowfall season.

So morning our Bolero vehicle with driver was ready at our hotel. Our driver himself had arranged our pass with the army, so we were all ready to go to the adventurous Bum la pass drive.

I must say that the drive to Bum la pass itself is scenic beauty and you will immensely enjoy the presence of snow and many small lakes enroute.

The drive to Bum La pass will take approximately 3 hrs (45 kms ). Make sure not to sleep in the vehicle in case if you don’t wish to miss a lot of nature’s beauty.

Bum La Pass

At Bum La u can see the Indo-China border. Also you can experience the snow fall if the season and ur luck cooperates.

We spent around one hour at Bum La and moved towards the most exciting place in all of Tawang i.e Sungester lake or also called as Madhuri Lake.

Sungester Lake

Its a beautiful place with an army cafe for refreshments and light snacks.

Don’t miss to shop at army cafe for various army products. It’s really cheap and high in quality.

We stayed there for around 2 hrs and came back to Tawang. We reached Tawang town at 3:30 in noon and straight away headed to Tawang Monastery.

Tawang Monastery is a nice place and can visit for some peaceful and positive vibes.

Day 5 : Tawang to Guwahati

We left hotel early morning 4 am cause it’s a long drive from Tawang to Guwahati. It takes approximately 15 hrs to reach Guwahati from Tawang. So it’s advised to leave early, so that u can spend one evening in Guwahati.

If interested u can also visit the famous Kamakhya temple in Guwahati.

Day 6 : Meghalaya

We started our sixth and final day of our north east tour early at 6 am. We had booked a different car for one day Meghalaya tour and cab charged for one day Meghalaya tour from Guwahati is 4500-5500₹.

Elephant rock falls

There are two falls here to watch and worth watching. Plz note that u need to take steps approx for 10 mins.

Living root bridge

Another popular place but overly crowded. To view this bridge u need to take a long walk for approx 20-30 mins. Plz note it would be extremely difficult for old people or ppl with knee issues.

Also there is a small waterfall.


Lot has been heard and read about this place. But to be frank was disappointed a bit. I didn’t see any village ambience here but instead commercialised and overly crowded place with lot of shops and restaurants. And regarding the cleanest village tag, it’s better if u visit and have an opinion for urself.

Umngot river or Dawki

Located at the India – Bangladesh border, in my opinion is the best place in Meghalaya. The view and the boating is really awesome. Also u have the luxury of shopping a beer while boating. Must visit place in Meghalaya. You can see the border security force of both India and Bangladesh at Dawki.

In case u wish to Cherrapunji then u must extend ur Meghalaya trip for one more day. But in my opinion Meghalaya is has much more in store ( though crowded ) if u have a luxury of few more days.

So after Dawki we headed to Guwahati for our next days early morning flight. Our amazing and picturesque North East India trip thus came to an end. In this six days we covered three states ( Assam, Arunachal and Meghalaya ) . Visited three country borders ( China, Bhutan and Bangladesh ).

Thanks for reading my blog

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  1. Wow… that’s quite a detail… gud job… 👍 Locations are indeed interesting … the pictures and write up do speak a lot about the place. I really wana do North East… Thanks for the helpful blog

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